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Austpost parcel tracking monitor and manage your packages by entering the tracking number below and get real-time updates on your package.

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Austpost Tracking Number
Austpost Tracking in Australia

How to track austpost parcel?

To track your parcels just enter the tracking number in the input form above and get real-time update of your package.

How to find my tracking number?

Find your tracking number kindly look for ARTICLE ID in the receipt provided and that should be your tracking number.


111 Bourke St. Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia.

Official Contact Number

00 613 8847 9045

Official Website

About Austpost

Auspost has been founded in 1975 and was formerly known as colonial post service way back 1809. The company has over 4,800 office locations around the country and 2,500 in rural areas. They have also delivered more than 40 Million parcels since 2019.

As the rise of E-commerce platforms the company also sees the rise in parcel delivery for more than 9.2% in 2019 and is expected to rise more in the years to come.

They have hired more than 80,000 workers since its founding and are still growing through the years. The company now has more than $6.99 Billion in revenue back in 2019. The company has been extending its reach to over 214 countries worldwide.

The current acting CEO is Rodney boys in 2019 with a lot of experience in improving the IT infrastructure of the company. He also has almost 25 years’ experience in wesfarmer subsidiary group.

Tracking Number Sample Formats

NameFormat Sample
StandardXVQ0008851, 33FJV575245201000930302
International Economy ShippingLVS2016933306512837N1

Environmental Action Plan

The company has been planning to reduce its CO2 emission by over 25% and has achieved its goal way back 2018. The company also plans to buy more EV vehicles to reach a new goal of 70% less emission in the years to come.

Well over $250 Million was also saved by the company by its business efficiency program.

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