Canada Post Tracking – Package Tracking for Canada Post 2022

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Canada Post tracking a package tracking service for Canada Post for 2022 a completely free tracking service with no registrations required. A complete step by step guide on how to properly track and trace Canada Post Parcels for free and get real-time update on the status of the package. All the update was initiated after the item was transported from point A to B. All delayed updates can also be initiated by the employee handling the package.

Canada Post Tracking

How to track Canada Post Parcels

To track your Canada Post Parcels just follow the step by step process provided below. By following the details you should get the parcels real-time status updates and estimated delivery times.

1. Find the tracking number.

After a package has been sent Canada Post will provide you with a receipt with tracking number included. Make sure that you keep the receipt or save a copy in order for you to easily access the tracking number. If you lose your receipt you can call the Canada Post customer support and ask for the tracking number.

2. Enter the tracking number

After finding the tracking number enter the tracking number in the input form provided above and click track.

3. Generate real-time update.

By entering the tracking number a set of data will be provided on the real-time location and status of the package. All the data provided can change depending on the updates initiated by Canada Post personnel’s handling the package. Usually parcel updates will happen during the items transition from point A to B during transport. You may also see that there are some delays on the estimated delivery time of your parcels.

4. Copy the link and details of the parcel

For reference you can copy the details or copy the link of the package update for safe keeping and future reference.

About Canada Post

Canada post is very passionate on its employees, customers and community making them one of the best parcel delivery companies in Canada. The company has a very strict leadership management that improves the company’s effective management and sound business decisions.

Canada post also serves as the primary postal service operator in Canada known as the royal mail Canada. It was later rebranded as “Canada Post” on 1960’s. The courier service has already delivered almost 8.4 billion mail items way back 2016. The company reach $7.88 Dollars of revenue in that year alone. It is now known that they are servicing 16 million addresses across the country and is growing more through the years. The company has now employed more over 64,000 employees working round the clock. Canada post has been operated by the group called The Canada Post Group.

Having 13,000 vehicle fleet and 6,200 postal office locations across the country they have also tapped on private franchisers on expanding their reach.

Expected delivery time:

Regular Parcel2 – 13 Business Days Depending on location
Expedited Parcel1-13 Business Days
Xpress Post1-2 Days for major cities
Priority7 Days 

Tracking number format:

16 Digits7035114477138472, 4002847016405018
13 DigitsRY982465507CN, LZ213465621CN, LM071894960CA 

Canada post international package & parcel services:

Light Packet500 Grams Size: 380mm x 270mm x 20mm
Small PacketMaximum weight 1kg and 2kg international
Xpress PostUp to 30 kg
International ParcelAir and surface service
Priority Worldwide2 -3 Business days for 220 Countries
Expedited Parcel USAIn partnership with USPS for US deliveries

What are the Package Statuses and its meaning?

Info Received

 The Courier received the shipping information and is about to schedule a pickup of the package or parcel.

In Transit

The package is already shipped from the country of origin and is en route to its destination.

Pick UP

The package has arrived in the nearest courier pickup point in your area.

Out for Delivery

The package is ready to be delivered in your home or nearest postal service area.


The package was delivered but the courier was unable to successfully drop the package for several reasons like address problem, reschedules and many more.


The package was successfully delivered to you.


The package was undergoing unusual shipping conditions like sender issue, customs issues, lost, damage and many more.


The package was in transport for a very long time and still has no delivery result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to track a package?

Yes, it is free to track any package at anytime as long as it belongs to one of our partners.

How many packages can i scand in a day?

You can scan as many package as you want everyday.

Can i track aliexpress packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like aliexpress so you can track and monitor you orders online.

Can i track alibaba packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like alibaba so you can track and monitor you orders online.

How many partners do have?

We have over 160 international partners.

How many supported nations?

We have over 220 supported nations.

Canada Post Contact Information

Phone Number


Mail Address

Canada Post Customer Service , PO Box 90022, 2701 Riverside Drive, OTTAWA ON k1V1J8

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