China EMS epacket Tracking : Monitor & Manage your packages

China EMS ePacket Tracking | Monitor and Manage your packages for free and get real-time updates by entering the tracking number below.

China EMS epacket Tracking
China EMS epacket Tracking

About china EMS?

China postal express and logistics offer different services from domestic, international and contract logistics. China EMS also offers Cash on delivery service on clients all over the world with additional cost.

Abiding to the company’s philosophy of “Treasure Every Moment Serve with Heart at Every Step”. The company is very dedicated to offering the fastest, cheapest and most secure package delivery not just domestically  but internationally as well.


It is an optional offer by china EMS to purchasers buying from Chinese ecommerce websites such as Aliexpress, Gearbest and banggood. This also allows the merchant to ship the products for a much affordable price.

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China EMS epacket Tracking

Estimated delivery times

Mexico20 Working Days
Russia, Saudi Arabia and Ukraine7 – 20 Working days
Other Countries7 – 30 Working Days

Estimated delivery times

China Post EMS ePacketLx000000000CN, Ex000000000CN
EUB Tracking Number13 characters beginning with “L” and another letter then followed with 9 digits and ending with “CN”. i.e. LK987654321CN

Weight Limit for ePacket Shipments

For each shipments the package should be less that 2 kilograms but there are exemptions for some countries like 3 kilogram for Israel and 5kg for UK shipments.


Is it free to track a package?

Yes, it is free to track any package at anytime as long as it belongs to one of our partners.

How many packages can i scand in a day?

You can scan as many package as you want everyday.

Can i track aliexpress packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like aliexpress so you can track and monitor you orders online.

Can i track alibaba packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like alibaba so you can track and monitor you orders online.

How many partners do have?

We have over 160 international partners.

How many supported nations?

We have over 220 supported nations.

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