China Post Tracking – Package Tracking for China Post 2022

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China Post tracking a package tracking service for China Post for 2022 a completely free tracking service with no registrations required. China Post has been one of the leading postal delivery services in china and has partnered with a lot of ecommerce sites like AliExpress, GearBest, Banggood, eBay and many similar platforms. To start tracking your China Post package enter the tracking number of the package in the input form above and click the track button to get the real-time update of your package.

China Post Tracking

What is china post air mail?

China post airmail is a slow service that takes more than 2-4 weeks lead-time before arriving on the designated country. Tracking number in this service is typically 13 digits with letter “R” and “CN” at the end.

China Post Small Packet Service

Small packet service is for the delivery of lightweight items with sizes less than 35 inches and width of 23 inches. The accepted weight of small packet service shall be 2kg (4.4 lbs) below. It is the most efficient way of transporting goods rather than using EMS, DHL, UPS, Fedex and many more.

Tracking number format for china post small packet service is 9 digits ending in “CN”.

Small packet delivery lead time is 5 – 10 day, United States 7-15 days and other countries should be 7- 30 days.

DestinationAvg. Arrival TimeAvg. Arrival Days
USA7-60 Days20
UK7-40 Days15
Canada10-60 Days30
Australia7-60 Days30
Germany10-25 Days18
France7-50 Days20
Egypt25-30 Days28
Brazil7-50 Days25
Denmark7-25 Days12
Finland7-40 Days13
India10-50 Days20
Indonesia10-25 Days15
Ireland10-30 Days20
Italy10-30 Days18
Japan5-20 Days10
Malaysia12-30 Days20
New Zealand7-15 Days12
Norway7-30 Days15
Philippines10-20 Days15
Pakistan12-50 Days25
Poland7-18 Days10
Portugal10-30 Days20
Russia7-40 Days20
Saudi Arabia15-50 Days28
Singapore7-15 Days9
South Africa40-90 Days55
South Korea7-20 Days12
Spain10-35 Days20
Sweden7-20 Days15
Switzerland7-15 Days12
Thailand5-15 Days10
Turkey10-35 Days20
UAE10-30 Days18
Uzbekistan20-40 Days30
Vietnam10-25 Days18

What are the Package Statuses and its meaning?

Info Received

 The Courier received the shipping information and is about to schedule a pickup of the package or parcel.

In Transit

The package is already shipped from the country of origin and is en route to its destination.

Pick UP

The package has arrived in the nearest courier pickup point in your area.

Out for Delivery

The package is ready to be delivered in your home or nearest postal service area.


The package was delivered but the courier was unable to successfully drop the package for several reasons like address problem, reschedules and many more.


The package was successfully delivered to you.


The package was undergoing unusual shipping conditions like sender issue, customs issues, lost, damage and many more.


The package was in transport for a very long time and still has no delivery result.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it free to track a package?

Yes, it is free to track any package at anytime as long as it belongs to one of our partners.

How many packages can I scan in a day?

You can scan as many package as you want everyday.

Can i track aliexpress packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like aliexpress so you can track and monitor you orders online.

Can I track alibaba packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like alibaba so you can track and monitor you orders online.

How many partners do have?

We have over 1000+ international partners.

How many supported nations?

We have over 220 supported nations.

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