PHLPost Tracking Philippines

Monitor, track and trace your PHLPost parcels in the Philippines online you can also track EMS packages by entering the tracking number in the form provided.

PHLPost tracking

How to track PHLPost Parcel?

To track your PHLPost Parcels just follow the step by step process provided below. By following the details you should get the parcels real-time status updates and estimated delivery times of your parcel.

1. Find the tracking number.

After a package has been sent PHLPost Philippines will provide you with a receipt with tracking number included. Make sure that you keep the receipt or save a copy in order for you to easily access the tracking number. If you lose your receipt you can call the PHLPost Philippines customer support and ask for the tracking number.

PHLPost tracking

2. Enter the tracking number

After finding the tracking number enter the tracking number in the input form provided above and click track.

PHLPost tracking

3. Generate real-time update.

By entering the tracking number a set of data will be provided on the real-time location and status of the package. All the data provided can change depending on the updates initiated by PHLPost personnel’s handling the package. Usually parcel updates will happen during the items transition from point A to B during transport. You may also see that there are some delays on the estimated delivery time of your parcels.

4. Copy the link and details of the parcel

For reference you can copy the details or copy the link of the package update for safe keeping and future reference.

PHLPost Tracking Number Format

  • ( R# *** *** *** PH )   
  • ( V# *** *** *** PH )
  • ( A# *** *** *** PH )   
  • ( C# *** *** *** PH )
  • ( E# *** *** *** PH )   
  • ( L# *** *** *** PH )

About PHLPost

Phlpost means Philippines postal corporation a company that started way back 1837. It has over 1,000 offices all over the Philippines. It also has over 8,000 plus employees hired all over the nation.

Phlpost send packages locally in the Philippines and internationally. They now also offer express shipping for a faster package delivery service for additional price off course. The headquarters PHLPost is located in the capital city off manila.

PHLPost Shipping Cost?

The shipping cost of PHLPost will depend on the service that you want to avail it also depends on what country you are in, like for international shipments it will be more expensive than local shipments.

Sample prices for international delivery ranges from $8 or $4/ kilogram for standard shipping but if you use the airfreight service it will be more expensive because it’s more faster prices ranges from $18.

Express mail

Contact Number

(02) 8527 0111 / 8527 0107


Is it free to track a package?

Yes, it is free to track any package at anytime as long as it belongs to one of our partners.

How many packages can i scand in a day?

You can scan as many package as you want everyday.

Can i track aliexpress packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like aliexpress so you can track and monitor you orders online.

Can i track alibaba packages?

Yes we also partner with dropshipping websites like alibaba so you can track and monitor you orders online.

How many partners do have?

We have over 160 international partners.

How many supported nations?

We have over 220 supported nations.

Contact us

If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime and we will do our best to get back to you as fast as possible.