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J&T Express Tracking Thailand: A complete step by step guide

J&T express tracking Thailand is a system that allows you to easily track and trace your parcels for free.  Tracking jnt express parcels has never been this easy just enter the tracking number in the form and you can now get the real-time status of your item. J&T Express Thailand have also partnered with several E-commerce giants like Shopee Thailand, JIB, and OPPO. If you have packages in these E-commerce giants you can track them by entering the tracking number in for form provided.

How to track j&t express parcels

To track your jnt express parcels in Thailand just follow the step by step process provided below. By following the details you should get the parcels real-time status updates and estimated delivery times of your parcel.

1. Find the tracking number.

After a package has been sent jnt express will provide you with a receipt with tracking number included. Make sure that you keep the receipt or save a copy in order for you to easily access the tracking number. If you lose your receipt you can call the j&t express Thailand customer support and ask for the tracking number.

How To Track J&T Package: A step by step guide

2. Enter the tracking number

After finding the tracking number enter the tracking number in the input form provided above and click track. Shopee, JIB and OPPO parcels can also be tracked in the form above as long as the parcel was transported via j&t express.

How To Track J&T Package: A step by step guide

3. Generate real-time update.

By entering the tracking number a set of data will be provided on the real-time location and status of the package. All the data provided can change depending on the updates initiated by j&t express personnel’s handling the package. Usually parcel updates will happen during the items transition from point A to B during transport. You may also see that there are some delays on the estimated delivery time of your parcels.

4. Copy the link and details of the parcel

For reference you can copy the details or copy the link of the package update for safe keeping and future reference.

About J&T Express Thailand

J&T Express was founded in Indonesia way back 2015 and was official known as PT Global Jet Express. They have also expanded their reach on other countries like Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia and China. J&T express supported E-commerce transactions in Thailand way back 2019. Since it started the company has already partnered with several E-commerce giants like Shopee, JIB, and OPPO.

The founders of J&T Express was Jet Lee and Tony Chen the former CEO of mobile tech giant OPPO. J&T Express now has over 4,000 branches and has employed over 30,000 employees working round the clock. More than 100 distributions was also place since the company started.

After the global spread of COVID-19 the company has seen a big spike on the delivery demand for up to 50% compared to last year. Processing up to 3 million packages per day, as the pandemic is still on-going and people are buying more online the company is expected to grow a lot bigger in the coming years.

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